Absorbent Cotton Balls White Color 1g/Pc 100 Pcs

White cotton balls made of 100% pure cotton, with a soft feel and high absorbency
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Absorbent Cotton Balls White Color 1g/Pc 100 Pcs

- Absorbent white cotton balls, made of pure cotton ensure superior softness when used on the skin.
- The cotton balls are highly absorbent which makes them ideal for removing makeup or nail polish.
- These balls are made of 100% cotton fabric, ensuring smooth movement on the skin without causing allergies or irritation.
- The cotton balls are also versatile, as they can be used to apply cosmetic products to the skin, to sterilize wounds, or otherwise.

Benefits of white cotton balls:
- Features an ultra-soft weave.
- Does not cause skin irritation or allergy.
- Used to remove makeup or nail polish.
- Can be used to sterilize wounds.

How to use white cotton balls:
- Apply makeup remover or nail polish remover to the cotton ball and then gently wipe the desired area.

More information:
- Can be used to apply lotion, toner and various skin care products.
- Can be used to clean delicate areas in the home.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Made in: China.

Quantity: Each piece is 1g / Package contains 100 pieces.

Store at room temperature.