Cinfalair Paediatric 4 mg 28 Sachets

These are sachets containing montelukast, which is used in children to relieve allergies, bronchoconstriction, and treat asthma.
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Cinfalair Pediatric 4 mg 28 Sachets

Cinfalair sachets contain Montelukast, a medication used to treat shortness of breath and other conditions related to the respiratory system.
Montelukast provides an antagonistic effect on leukotriene receptors, a substance secreted by the body in response to exposure to allergens, causing a bronchoconstriction effect.
Cinfalair treatment is used to prevent leukotrienes from burrowing airways, making it effective in treating the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and bronchospasm.

Active ingredients:

Benefits of Cinfalair sachets:
- Reduce symptoms of asthma and shortness of breath.
- Treat bronchoconstriction.
- Facilitate the breathing process.
- Relieve seasonal allergy symptoms.

How to use:
- Use Cinfalair Sachets as directed by your doctor.

• Warnings and precautions:
- If your asthma or breathing condition worsens after using the treatment, see a doctor immediately.
- This medication is not intended for use in severe asthma attacks.
- The medication must be used according to the doctor’s instructions.
- This medication should only be taken with a medical prescription.

• Other medication and Montelukast:
- Do not use Cinfalair sachets with other medicines that contain the same active ingredient, montelukast.
- Do not use Cinfalair sachets with non- steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs.
- Tell your doctor if you are taking the following medications before starting Cinfalair:
• Phenobarbital or phenytoin (used to treat epilepsy)
• Rifampicin
• Gemfibrozil (used to treat high levels of plasma lipids)

Side effects:
- Cough and difficulty breathing.
- Dryness or pain in the throat
- Fever and headache.
- Trouble swallowing.
- Unusual fatigue or weakness.

Made in:

28 Sachets

Store at room temperature

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