Revitol Hair Growth Spray 60 mL for treating hair loss

Hair Growth Spray, Stimulates hair follicles to grow hair in the area affected
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Revitol Hair Growth Spray 60 mL

A hair spray Formulated with a unique blend of effective natural ingredients such as ginseng extract.
It treats hair loss and stimulates hair follicles to grow

Active ingredients:
Panax ginseng , Pyridoxine HCI .

Helps hair to grow.
Treats hair loss.

Use twice a day for a month.
Spray 4-5 times on the surface of the scalp.
Keep your hair and scalp dry before use.

Point Of Interest:
Suitable for all skin types.
Revitol+ Hair Growth Spray is safe, easy to use, and highly effective at treating hair loss and stimulating hair follicles.

Made in:

60 mL

Store at room temperature